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®X-Filing Season Tax Tips

  • Get more time to file with Form 4868 — Need more time to complete your Form 1040? Then turn to another Internal Revenue Service document, Form 4868. Filing Form 4868 by Tax Day — July 15 this year — will give you three more months — until Oct. 15 — to finish your tax return. Remember, though, you still must pay any tax that you owe (or make plans to do so in installments) with your extension request. (July 15, 2020)

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  • Did you miss a tax tip posted above? No worries. They are, or eventually will be, collected in the 2020 Filing Season Tax Tips pages. That's usually January through mid-April, but this year is definitely unusual. The coronavirus' spread has pushed Tax Day 2020 from April 15 to July 15. So the ol' blog has adjusted, too, with extended Tax Tip pages for each of this year's six-and-a-half months that we now will focus on our 1040s: January, February, March, April, May, June and — tah-dah! — July. Then, after a very brief break to catch our post-filing deadline breath, the Weekly Tax Tips, like these from 2019, will return.

Tax Forms

  • Tax Forms
    Thanks to our increased use of tax preparers and computer software, many of us don't see our tax forms until we sign and file them. But knowing what's on these documents, either in paper or digital form, and why the IRS wants it is key to understanding our tax system. And knowledge definitely is power, especially when it comes to tax savings. Find this valuable information in the ol' blog's special Tax Forms 2023 page.


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