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Filing Season Tax Tips

  • 13 tax tips for the final filing weekend — Knee (or more) deep in your taxes? You still have time this final filing weekend of the 2019 Tax Season. These baker's dozen tips can help you finish up (or extend) your taxes by April 15. (April 13, 2019)
    This tip's for New England filers whose filing deadline is Wednesday, April 17.

  • Tax Tip; click pencil for all tax tip links

  • Did you miss a tax tip posted above? No worries. They're collected in the 2019 Filing Season Tax Tips pages, one for each of the three-and-a-half months that we focus on our 1040s: January, February, March and — tah-dah! — April. After a brief break to catch our post-filing deadline breath, the Weekly Tax Tips, like these from 2018, will return.