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The thing I find most interesting about the much talked about map of NFL team fandom across the country is that the Dallas Cowboys apparently have lots of supporters in much of Nevada.

NFL fans based on Facebook Data Science info via The Atlantic
This map (click it for a larger view) shows the favorite professional football team in every U.S. county based on the National Football League team that Facebook users in that county have "liked" the most per Facebook Data Science tallies. Read more about the map and fans of professional football in The Atlantic.

Maybe there are lots of transplanted Texans -- former Lone Star State residents, not the players on the state's other, less liked/followed NFL team -- in Nevada.

Or maybe folks in the Silver State like the Cowboys so much because they offer such fun and potentially profitable betting options. You never know what circus ringmaster team owner Jerry Jones or his crazy team will do and when it might pay off, both in bets or on the field.

Nevada is the only state where sports books operate. And with the arrival of the full NFL season, the bets on the 'Boys and the 31 teams abound.

The winning bets paid by casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and other Nevada betting parlors are taxable. The Internal Revenue Service loves these bets accuse they are legal and, thanks to third-party reporting rules, easily traceable.

But remember, income from all bets -- legal, illegal and even your fantasy football winnings -- are considered taxable income by the IRS and most state tax collectors.

OK. With that tax warning duly issued, it's time to enjoy today's games.

And good luck with your wagers.

Betting odds on NFL oddities: If you're looking for some more offbeat antes, check out these 19 NFL bets beyond just the weekly scores that some folks already are putting money on.

As with the similar Super Bowl prop bets, they cover just about any eventuality that gamblers can imagine.

You get 20 to 1 odds that Johnny "Football" Manziel will be named Rookie of the Year and that his Cleveland Browns will make the playoffs.

Chances are better, 2 to 1, that Manziel will be fined sometime this regular season.

My favorite bet, though, is that Jason Garrett won't make it the full season as the Cowboys' head coach. Odds are 3 to 1 that the underperforming redhead will be the first NFL head coach fired.

In fact, I like that bet so much that I'm making 3 this week's By the Numbers figure. And I'm betting that odds soon will be even on a change in the Cowboys' coaching ranks.

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