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Ways to relieve tax time stress

YogaIt's been one of those days. OK, one of those weeks. And I don't even do taxes as a living, just write about them.

That's probably why a story about accountants practicing yoga caught my eye.

"Yoga improves my physical health, calms my mind and helps me to be more patient and focused," Virginia Hilton told AccountingWeb.

But Hilton's not just a yoga teacher. She's also a CPA who is a tax supervisor at Carney, Roy and Gerrol P.C. in Rocky Hill, Ct.

Yoga, says Hilton, offers a balance that all CPAs can achieve.

And she's sharing how the ancient discipline works for her with her fellow accountants through the Connecticut Society of CPAs' It's Just Life program.

Om. Om. Taxes: As a tax geek and a big proponent of yoga, I think the CTCPA program is really cool.

Yoga always helps me. Even when, like in today's class, I am totally out of sync -- exhaling when the instructor said inhale, lifting my left arm when she said right -- I feel better.

Just taking some time for yourself does a person good.

Making it through tax-infested waters: Of course, yoga is just one of many creative ways to survive tax season.

Tax and accounting firm WeiserMazars LLP asked its employees and, via social media, folks in the tax business for their busy season survival tips. They collected the suggestions, enacted by a flying shark, on Twitter at hashtag #WhenSharksFly.

WeiserMazar WhenSharksFly hashtag Twitter

As Going Concern notes, the shark is kind of creepy, but the results have been pretty amazing so far ... as far as an accounting firm poking fun at the horror of high tax season can be.

Suggested tax time survival tips include have snacks handy, keep smiling and tuck a bottle in a drawer.

My tip, regular exercise (see yoga above) hasn't made the list yet. If it does, maybe I'll take Sheldon the Shark to a class to help him de-stress, too!

UPDATE: Yoga is in as a tax-time stress reliever (Monday, March 24 tip #13)!

Yoga WhenSharksFly tax tip text lede

Shark yoga for tax time relaxing

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Shawn TSX

One of the easiest ways to relieve stress is to keep good records all year round not just when tax season hits

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