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Tax tips for families

Despite my best intentions, my posting lately of the Daily Tax Tip has been, let's be honest, crappy.

I won't bore your with my excuses explanations reasons. But as way of apology, I am pleased to report that I have finally updated February's running tax tip list.

In doing so, I noticed that last week four of the five tax tips dealt with family tax issues.

Miller Family reunion 1951_shared by Hilary Kanupp Perez via Flickr CC
Was your last family reunion as well attended as the Miller gathering in 1951? Photo shared by Hilary Kanupp Perez via Flickr CC.

Most families today, be they as large as the Miller clan or just a couple, are looking for every money saver possible.

So as a mea culpa for not posting the tax tips on the days they went live, below I've listed last week's family-oriented tips and similar ones that ran earlier this filing season:

As we head into the final 45 days (you are keeping an eye on the countdown clock over in the right column, right?) of the 2014 filing season, I will be posting more tax tips. And the coming tips will include some more ways the tax code helps families cut their taxes.

Thanks for your patience with my slow pace of posting these tips and for sticking with the ol' blog for more tax saving tidbits, family related and beyond, as we work toward April 15.


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