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In case you missed it last night, The Daily Show took a look at tax reform efforts. And the ol' tax blog got a shout out ... sort of.

Daily Show Dont Mess With Taxes_080613 tax reform segment Click image to view the Aug. 6, 2013, Daily Show episode.

John Oliver, who's filling in while regular host Jon Stewart is off making a movie (or maybe not; Oliver says there could be a Jeff Bezos connection to Stewart's absence), puts the show's usual wry spin on the ludicrousness that is our tax code and all things associated with it.

Oliver nails the out-of-control Internal Revenue Code itself, the special interests fighting for often arcane tax breaks, Senate Finance Committee efforts to revamp it and the subsequent, and embarrassing, effort to keep senators' tax reform proposals top secret.

And just in case you're bored with tax overhaul efforts, stick with the show and Hollywood heart throb Liam Hemsworth shows up in the last segment.

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