New York cop pleads guilty to identity theft, tax refund fraud
Lucrative loos' change leads to toilet tips tax evasion charges

Happy 79th birthday, Alcatraz prison

Apparently it's criminal Sunday.

Alcatraz with San Francisco in background courtesy masterok-LiveJournal_croppedThe ol' blog started out today with a report on a cop turned tax fraudster. Then I learned, thanks to The Writer's Almanac, that the first civilian prisoners began arriving at Alcatraz on this date, Aug. 11, in 1934.

The website traces the history of the foreboding island in San Francisco Bay, including, of course, its years as a federal penitentiary that was home to some of the United States' worst criminals.

And as all tax geeks know, Alcatraz was where one of the most famous U.S. tax evaders of all time, Al Capone, was incarcerated for more than four years.

So in honor of Alcatraz's 79th birthday as a jail, I beg your indulgence to my referral to my March 21, 2012, post commemorating the day that the prison slammed its doors for good.

Check it out to see who in addition to Scarface spent time on The Rock.


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