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Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist takes on taxes

The Pulitzer Prize winners for 2013 were announced today and I must mention Steve Sack, who took this year's top honors for editorial cartooning.

No, it's not because I regularly read the Minneapolis Star Tribune, where Sack has been using his art to put a spin on events since 1981.

Steve Sack Pulitizer winner 041513 cartoon snippetAnd it's not because Sack also was a Pulitzer finalist for cartooning in 2004.

It's not even because, as the Pulitizer jury put in selecting Sack, he produces a "diverse collection of cartoons, using an original style and clever ideas to drive home his unmistakable point of view."

It's because of his cartoon today, which fittingly on April 15 skewers the U.S. tax code. Clip the snippet at left to see Sack's full drawing.

Also nicely timed for Tax Day, Sack's Pulitzer Prize brings not only admiration (and probably some envy; I used to work at a newspaper, so I know these things!), but also 10,000 taxable dollars.

Hat tip Daniel Ray,

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