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Tax Carnival 2013 dates update

Tax carnival iconThe 111th Tax Carnival was supposed to go up today. It won't.

I seem to be infected not with the flu that's going around, but a bad case of tax-related delay. I caught it at the end of 2012 when I was following Congress' inability to take action on the fiscal cliff.

We all know that procrastination has meant that filing season won't start until Jan. 30, almost two weeks later than usual.

I thought I was getting better, but I relapsed just about the time the House Republicans announced they want to push the debt ceiling debate back a few more months.

So I'm declaring today is committed to client projects and taking care of some family tasks.

I'll also probably take a break to watch Inaugural events and catch up on what folks outside the nation's capital are doing to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

And sometime this afternoon I'll pull together Tax Carnival #111 for posting on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

I've also rejiggered the remaining 2013 filing season Tax Carnival schedule a bit. Here's what's planned:

  • Tax Carnival #112 will be Monday, Feb. 4  
  • Tax Carnival #113 will be Monday, Feb. 18
  • Tax Carnival #114 will be Monday, March 4   
  • Tax Carnival #115 will be Monday, March 18
  • Tax Carnival #116 will be Monday, April 1
  • Tax Carnival #117 will be Monday, April 8.

The submission deadline has passed for tomorrow's carnival, but feel free to get a head start on the remaining six filing season Tax Carnivals listed above.

You can send your tax posts (and tax-only items please; the guidelines page has details) via the Carnival of Taxes submission page.

Social media fans can send Tax Carnival posts to me @taxtweet on Twitter or post them on the ol' blog's Facebook wall.

Or if you prefer email, send your tax blog item to taxcarnival @

And thanks again for your understanding and patience about the slight postponement of Tax Carnival #111.


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