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House of Representatives to work part of next week, then recess until Nov. 13

It's official. The House's already minimal 2012 work period has gotten even shorter.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) today issued this notice to his colleagues:

Members are advised that as a result of House -- and anticipated Senate -- passage of H.J.Res. 117, the Continuing Appropriations Resolution 2013, votes are no longer expected during the week of October 1. This is a change from the original House Calendar.

Representatives will be back next week after a two-day break for Rosh Hashanah, but after wrapping up business on Sept. 21, members won't be expected on Capitol Hill again until Nov. 13.

So cross those five planned work days off the early October calendar.

House October 2012 calendar change

That means instead of 29 days to deal with legislation, the House now has just 24 work days scheduled for the rest of the year.

The amount of work lawmakers must complete, however, hasn't been reduced. You do the math.

The one advantage for you? More face time with your Representative.

Since members will be back in their districts for a few more days, be sure to stop by your Representative's local office to say hello. I'm sure he or she will be there eagerly using the extra time to get input from constituents.

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