Last week at my other tax blog: Olympic medalist tax break; Romney's audit issues
California's Proposition 30 would raise top income tax rate, sales taxes

What's in a name, Olympics version

The current Summer Olympics also are known as the London games or London 2012.

But you're not likely to hear the international sporting event called by its formal name, at least not here across the pond.

That's because officially it is the Games of the

London 2012 Olympics_XXX Olympiad_Britannia Bold font
And in the United States that triple X means a totally different type of physical activity.

Maybe Rep. U.S. Dave Camp, the Michigan Republican who chairs the Ways and Means Committee and who referenced a California business that carries XXX items during the recent House floor debate on the Bush tax cuts (which has its own name issues), will issue a Congressional Record statement regarding the current Olympics.

I now leave my snickering Beavis and Butt-Head persona (sorry for the momentary devolution) and return you to grown-up (vs. adult) discussions of taxes.

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