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Fun with Obamacare and SCOTUS

Nah, the Supreme Court's tax-based decision that the health care law is constitutional is not a new NBC sitcom, although the way the network has struggled recently, maybe I should pitch it.

The decision and the law are very serious topics.

But that didn't stop some on the Internet from having a little fun with the ruling and reactions.

The always insightful Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cuts to the chase in her texts:

Texts from Hillary Obamacare SCOTUS women justices via UpWorthy

Check out the rest of Hill's smartphone comments on the surprise ruling at UpWorthy.

Then there are the thoughts of film heartthrob Ryan Gosling:

Ryan Gosling Hey Girl Obamacare via HuffPo

The actor's online "Hey Girl" persona has plenty more romantic ruminations on affordable health care at Huffington Post.

Have you run across any irreverent SCOTUS-Obamacare posts that you liked? Please share!

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