The most popular free mobile tax apps
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Do you have to file a return? And why you should file even if you the answer is 'no.'

Tax filing deadline is just two weeks away

Two weeks from today, millions of us will be rushing to get something -- either our tax return or an extension request -- to the Internal Revenue Service.

Before you shift into full tax crisis gear, here are a dozen tax blog posts, stories and excerpts from my book that could make the process easier and perhaps a bit less costly:

Check out the Daily Tax Tips for January, February, March and April, which will continue through the April 17 filing deadline.

If you use a tax pro, be sure to be a good tax client. If you use tax software, be sure you pick the product that fits your needs, be it for your PC or a mobile app. You also might be able to get some free tax help.

And don't forget about your state taxes! States that follow the usual April 15 federal deadline date typically extend their filing deadlines when Uncle Sam does, but double check so that you don't submit your state and local tax returns late.

My tax return preparation processWhat's your tax return ritual? I plan to work on our 2011 tax return this weekend.

As you can see from the photo there to the left, it's a major space- as well as time-consuming process. And yes, that TV remote there in the middle is a critical retrun preparation tool.

I'm not alone in spreading out on the floor to work on my taxes. A woman interviewed for Marketplace radio's recent piece on tax-filing rituals admitted to do the same.

She's a freelance writer, too. It must have something to do with the journalist gene.

How do you do your taxes, or get your material ready for your tax professional? Is it an annual habit that's become a regular April (or earlier) event? Or does every filing season bring a new and different way to deal with your tax duties?


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