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Why is April 15 Tax Day?

Most state taxes due April 17, too

Most taxpayers have multiple taxes to worry about this time of year. At the federal level, in addition to  the 2011 tax year returns, some of us also must pay 2012's first quarter estimated taxes.

And as today's Daily Tax Tip notes, most folks also have to file state tax returns.

This year that's Tuesday, April 17.

Texan's map of the USClick the map above, from a calendar bought years ago at the Marfa Book Company, for a larger view of Texans' skewed view of the United States.

Here in Texas, as well as in Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Washington and Wyoming there's no income tax collected on wages.

But in the other 43 states and Washington, D.C., taxes are collected on income, either earned or unearned (I'm talking about you, New Hampshire and Tennessee).

And in 38 of those places, the due date is the same as the federal deadline.

No Patriots Day conflict this year: Residents of Maine and Massachusetts also have to keep an eye on Patriots Day. This commemoration of the beginning of America's tax-sparked revolution against Great Britain is a state holiday in those two New England locations.

Patriots Day is the third Monday in April. On the years when that holiday coincides with Maine's and Massachusetts' tax deadline day, residents get until the next business day to get their state filings done.

But Pine Tree and Bay State residents still must get their federal returns to the Internal Revenue Service on the regular April due date.

That's not a problem this year.

Monday, April 16, is both Patriots Day and Emancipation Day, the D.C. holiday that has pushed federal filings until Tuesday, April 17.

That means Maine and Massachusetts residents can enjoy tomorrow's Boston Marathon and Red Sox-Rays Major Leage Baseball game without worrying about their state or federal taxes.

Who gets even more time? OK, I hear you. You're dying to know the five states with tax filing deadlines that diverge from the federal due date.

They are, in order of state filing deadlines:

  • Hawaii, with tax returns/payments due by April 20.
  • Delaware, with tax returns/payments due by April 30.
  • Iowa, with tax returns/payments due by April 30
  • Virginia, with tax returns/payments due by May 1.
  • Louisiana, with taxes tax returns/payments due by May 15.

When those states' filing deadlines fall on a weekend or holiday, then taxpayers have until the next business day to get their state paperwork done.

If you find you can't meet your state filing deadline, most offer extensions. But the rules vary from state to state, so check with your state tax office for details.

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