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Who is the average taxpayer?

Thanks to the baring of personal tax data during the battle to win the Republican presidential nomination, we've gotten good looks at some decidedly uncommon tax returns.

Mitt Romney, again the frontrunner after primary victories in Michigan and Arizona, had income of $21.7 million in 2010 and $20.9 million in 2011. But because most of Romney's earnings came from capital gains and his compensation agreement at Bain Equity, which taxed that money as carried interest also subject to the low investment rate, Romney's effective tax rate was just under 14 percent.

Newt Gingrich paid around 32 percent in taxes on 2010 adjusted gross income of $3.1 million.

Rick Santorum reported earnings ranging from $660,000 in 2007 to $1.1 million in 2009 to $923,000 in 2010. His combined tax rate was around 28 percent.

But what about the rest of us regular folks?

Well, H&R Block has crunched some numbers, come up with a profile of the average taxpayer and put that hypothetical Jane and John Q. Public filer into a neat infographic.

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Anatomy of a Taxpayer
Source: Anatomy of Taxpayer via H&R Block

The average taxpayer makes $49,000, has 1.4 dependents and e-files.

Do you fit this description?

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Does anyone filing count as a "taxpayer" even if the tax liability is zero or negative?

Rebecca Hyde

Only 8,000 taxpayers took a housing deduction?

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