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Super Bowl prop bets pay $60,000

Maybe it's time for those of us who dismiss those goofy Super Bowl prop bets to reassess our position.

Two wagers that many of us considered to be throw-away bets paid off big for Jona Rechnitz

Rechnitz's $1,000 bet on a safety being the first scoring play of the Super Bowl returned $50,000 when Tom Brady's intentional grounding in the end zone gave the New York Giants an early two-point lead.

Rechnitz's buddy Benjamin Lyons promptly posted a picture on Twitter of the 50-to-1 winning betting slip.

Winning safety betting slip
Rechnitz pocketed another 10 grand for a second bet that there would be a safety in the 2012 NFL championship game.

Even better for the New York Giants fan, his team won.

Some guys have all the luck.

Taxes owed, taxes reduced: Rechnitz told the celebrity website/TV show TMZ that he plans to give all the Super Bowl winnings to charity.

The donations won't absolve him of taxes due on his gambling proceeds. In fact, given the size of the winnings, MGM took out a chunk for Uncle Sam before giving Rechnitz his payout.

But by giving away the money, the lucky bettor will be able to deduct the gifts from his federal taxes.

I doubt that's why Rechnitz is doing it, but it's nice that his generosity will help him as well as the charities.

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