Tax Gap holds steady: 17 percent of taxpayers don't pay all they owe
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Today's Tax Tip

Finger_pointing to rightTax season 2012 is here. To make fulfilling your tax duty as painless as possible, you'll find a Daily Tax Tip over there in the ol' blog's right column. Each day, including weekends and federal holidays, you'll find ways to cut your 2011 tax bill, ease your filing tasks and/or make key 2012 tax year planning moves. And if you miss a day, don't worry. You can visit the complete list of 2012 tips.


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Tax Relief

I sure hope everyone has their taxes finished by now!

Nancy at Scar Treatment

The tip was very helpful. Thank you

Online Accounting Degrees

Kay: the tips are great - from a personal level and as a student.


Mark Randall

I check your blog daily for your amazing tax relief tips!

estate evaluation

These are really great tax tips. I'll make sure to spread the word around about your very informative blog.

Julie @ Freedom 48

Great tips. Thanks for sharing =)


Your tips are very useful. thank you for sharing!

Mark Randall @IRS tax help

Great tax tips! The post about ways to be organized is great considering it makes tax time much easier.

Benjamin Skinner

Great tax tip! Another tip for those filing bankruptcy and expected tax returns, is to spend them.

Money Tips

Thanks for sharing all this information. Your tips are very useful to me. Keep sharing such high quality posts.


Think I need to write that down so I wont forget. Really good tip though this one. The IRS calculater is great.


Steven, thanks! Glad the tax tips are helpful.

Steven J Fromm

As a fellow tax attorney just wanted to let you know how great a job you are doing at your blog. The daily tax tips are a great service to readers.

Ron @ High School Life

Thanks for sharing this great post!

Kay Bell

Kenneth, thank you! Kay

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