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Lindsay Lohan hit with $93,000+ IRS lien

Poor Lindsay Lohan. She just can't seem to get her life together.

Actress Lindsay Lohan, pictured during a court hearing, rejected a plea agreement Thursday offered by prosecutors in a grand theft case that included a guaranteed return to jail. She told a Superior Court judge she agreed to delaying her case until a preliminary hearing when prosecutors will present evidence against her. Lohan is accused of taking a $2,500 necklace from a Venice jewelry store. UPI/David McKnew/Pool

Her latest trouble is in the form of taxes. Specifically, the IRS says the actress owes
$93,701.57 for failure to pay her 2009 taxes.

In her defense, says TMZ, that wasn't a very lucrative year for Lohan. She only made one not very well received  TV movie, coupled with a few minor TV appearances.

Still, says the entertainment website, Lohan knows she should have paid Uncle Sam. And she would have. But she thought the accountants she hired had taken care of her tax responsiblities.

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