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The real powers in the U.S. government

I guess I'm going to have to start DVRing Saturday Night Live so I can fast forward to the few and far between funny skits, like the message below from the President of the United States.

Obama, channeled by Fred Armisen, begins after the brief ad (everybody's got bills to pay).

The hubby says we watched this, but I must have been dozing. I would have remembered the ineffective Congress assessment that topped the list, as well as Grover Norquist and his no-tax pledge getting the #2 ranking.

As an explanation for my oversight, I refer you back to this weekend's post about how we, and apparently me in particular, know how to party!

One other thing. Not to correct the "president," but I will point out a mistake by his comedy writers.

The dancing Kia critters are hamsters, hence the "Hamstar" T-shirt, not gerbils.

Hat tip to TaxProf

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