IRS follows tax court ruling and allows sex change costs as medical deductions
Death of super committee deficit deal expected as soon as Monday

Last week at my other tax blog: Witholding considerations for couples

Last week the hubby and I took a vacation. Actually, what we did was tack some personal time onto a business trip I made to

That meant a couple of things. It was time to re-read my items on tax break possibilities when combining business and personal travel.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon It also meant that I only posted one item last week at my other tax blog.

Yes, I get the irony of doing less blogging for Bankrate while I was physically in the company's South Florida office. But I was doing other work-related stuff, like greeting old work friends and making new ones with folks with whom I've only talked or emailed previously.

And I did work on some year-end tax stories for the personal finance website. I'll let you know when those are posted. (Preview: The annual Don't Mess With Taxes year-end tax moves series will be coming up here very soon.)

I did, however, find time to blog about couples bonding via tax withholding. It's true! Taxes, or rather good tax decisions, can improve relationships.

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