Tax notices: A scary letter from the IRS
IRS postpones backup withholding on credit card payment reporting until 2013

Last week at my other tax blog: Robin Hood tax advocates; IRS budget troubles

Some folks are calling for a new tax on financial transactions.

But if Congress has its way, the Internal Revenue Service might not have enough money to enforce existing tax laws.

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Occupy Wall Street protesters have been calling for a Robin Hood tax, a levy on financial transactions that supporters say would primarily affect higher-income investors. A transaction tax is not a new idea, but there's not a lot of support right now for it.

Even the head honcho at Treasury has dismissed a transaction tax and that was before the IRS had to deal with possible budget cuts.

If the House and Senate do slash the tax agency's funds, the IRS commissioner says the move ultimately will cost taxpayers in service and Uncle Sam in up to $4 billion in lost tax collections.

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