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Millionaire tax proposed by Obama

Last week at my other tax blog: Tax deduction reductions; Estimated tax deadline

Last week certainly was busy, so hectic in fact that its craziness ran into the weekend. That's why I missed yesterday's regularly scheduled posting of what went on last week at my other tax blog.

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconSo with a nod to that wonderful phrase "better late than never,"  here's the scoop on my latest blogging efforts at

I was on time on Tuesday when I reminded folks of last week's impending Sept. 15 estimated tax deadline. It's the last 1040-ES voucher you have to file this calendar year. But remember, your fourth and final 2011 tax year estimated tax filing is due, thanks to the weekend and MLK Day holiday, on Jan. 17, 2012.

Then on Thursday, I looked at the president's proposal to reduce itemized tax deductions to help pay for his jobs bill. It's not a new idea and it affects a minority of taxpayers, but the idead has galvanized a variety of groups to oppose it.

You can check out new Bankrate Taxes Blog posts each Tuesday and Thursday. And if you happen to miss them there, you can find a wrap-up here each Saturday…or maybe the following day. 

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This looks interesting. I'll check out that blog later.

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