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Turn off CNBC and Fox Business for a minute. Trust me, you'll benefit from taking a break from rubbernecking at the financial wreck brought about by the debt ceiling head-on collision last week on Capitol Hill.

OK. You're still peeking through your fingers? Then at least get away from the specifics on how big a hit your portfolio is taking today and check out what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has to say about Standard and Poor's decision.

Key takeaway: "I'm very confident in this country and the capacity of this country and even this political system, damaged as it looks, to come together and try to make more progress in these long term challenges. … If we've learned anything these last three months it's time to put the economy out of politics. These are challenges facing the country of the United States, not one party or the other, and we both have some responsibility to come together and dig our way out of this."

Yeah, yeah, I'm all hopes and dreams and fluffy kittens today. Cut me some slack. It was a weird weekend so I'm trying to start the week on a positive note and see how that works out.

Bonus: You'll get to hear the man who oversees our money use the word "snarky."

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