The political spending chasm
Tax moves to make in August 2011

West Wing cast explains the debt ceiling

Kristin Chenoweth has shown up on TV most recently as a Broadway-bound Glee alum with a bit of a drinking problem.

But back in 2004, as media consultant Annabeth Schott in The West Wing, she was as baffled by the debt ceiling as many folks have been these last few weeks.

Although we're about to dodge this latest default bullet, I thought you might enjoy the debt ceiling explanation that Annabeth got from C.J., Charlie and Toby.

Under the debt ceiling measure approved by the House Monday evening and headed to the Senate for its expected OK this afternoon, Uncle Sam's credit line will run through 2012.

And despite the bill's convoluted process to whittle away at the federal deficit over the next decade, you might want to bookmark this video.

Chances are good that we'll be doing this same debt dance again eventually.

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