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Last week at my other tax blog: Congress downgraded; Amazon taxes; Tax holidays

It was busy last week at my other tax blog, with three items getting an extra look.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon In the wake of Standard & Poor's downgrade of Uncle Sam's creditworthiness, I did my own downgrading of the folks in Washington, D.C., who were largely responsible for this financial fiasco.

Then came the sales tax topics.

First, I looked at why it's time for Amazon to pay up. The world's largest online retailer is agresssiviely fighting California's new e-commerce law requiring online retailers to collect and remit the state's sales tax.

Sales tax is temporarily waived, though, for some purchases in three states as Florida, Massachusetts and Maryland this weekend kicked off their back-to-school tax holidays.

You can check out new posts each Tuesday and Thursday (and occasionally on Fridays, too!) at my Bankrate Taxes Blog. And you can find a wrap-up here at the ol' tax blog each Saturday.


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