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$24 billion in revenue at stake

Last week at my other tax blog: Miss. tax holiday; Tax pro registration redux

Summer is winding down and you know what that means: tax holidays and tax pros.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icon Actually, tax holidays happen year round, but the bulk of them are tied to back-to-school shopping. And tax pros, at least the good ones, work year round, too.

But both these topics warranted a closer look last week at my other tax blog.

Mississippi kicked off the summer sales tax holidays, with its event on July 29 and 30. Stick around for more info soon on the rest of 2011's tax-saving events.

Meanwhile, the Internal Revenue Service is continuing its effort to get all tax preparers registered. Right now it's trying to find the 100,000 or so folks who filed returns this year but weren't on the IRS' approved list.

As with the tax holidays, you can be sure you'll hear more about tax preparer registration soon.

You can check out new posts each Tuesday and Thursday at my Bankrate Taxes Blog. And if you happen to miss them there, you can find a wrap-up on here each Saturday.

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