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IRS Tax Forum random observations II

Summer time is tax pro time

Did you get an extension to file your return?

Or are you wondering what you can do this last half of the year to reduce your 2011 tax bill?

Maybe you've finally decided that it's time to turn your taxes over to a pro.

Seeking tax help Now's the perfect time to find the find a tax preparer who can help you with whatever tax situation you're facing. That's why it's this week's Weekly Tax Tip.

The crazy filing season is long gone. It's almost three months until the Oct. 17 extended tax filing deadline arrives. So most tax professionals have a bit more time now -- as soon as they get back from one of the IRS Nationwide Tax Forums.

But don't begrudge a preparer for taking time to attend these tax-info-intensive three-day events. Such continuing education is exactly one of the things you need to look for in a tax preparer.

It means your potential new tax adviser is committed to knowing the latest tax laws, Internal Revenue Service regulations and tips on how to better serve clients.

The first step is to determine what type of return preparer you need. You've got lots of tax pro options, from franchise firms to attorneys.

Once you decide which tax pro is right for you, then you have to select the specific person and thoroughly check out that preparer.

Making the best choice will take some time. So get to it now. And once you've hired the perfect tax pro, you can enjoy the rest of your summer as well as next year's filing season.

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