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Do you have the highest property taxes in the United States?

If you own a home, you pay property taxes.

And if you're like a lot of other homeowners, the statement you got from your local tax assessor-collector revealed that your taxes headed up while your house's value slipped.

In those situations, you should look into contesting your property valuation and the tax bill upon which it was based.

It's also a good bet that most such appeals are by homeowners in places that have relatively high property taxes. That would put a large number of them in New Jersey.

The median property tax in the Garden State in 2009 was $6,579.

That's the largest median property tax amount amount in the country, according to data compiled by Credit Sesame. And it's this week's By the Numbers figure.

Median nj property taxes 6579

How does that figure compare to the lowest property tax state? The New Jersey median property tax amount, according to the lending data website, was 27 times more than what Louisiana property owners paid.

Here are few more N.J. numbers:

  • The $6,579 in taxes represented 1.89 percent of a home's value.
  • The tax amount was 7.45 percent of the property owner's income.

Now to the big question: Just how do your property taxes compare?

You can find out at Credit Sesame's interactive map:

Property tax comparison map_Credit-Sesame-small
Click on the map (or here) to check your state's property tax stats.

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income property

it would be terrible if you are part of the highest property tax since it would be a burden in your money. You pay high on expenses and you pay high on taxes.

Paula at

Interesting that this is compiled by amount, not by percentage, which means its largely tied to home value.

I wonder what areas have the highest property tax percentages.

I live in Atlanta, and my property tax RATE is startlingly higher than rates I've paid, or my family has paid, in other parts of the nation.


I'm not in Jersey but mine are around that.

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