Debt limit, tax reform and me on 'net TV
Rarely-filed gift tax could factor in John Edwards' campaign hush money charges

Last week on my other tax blog:
What 401(k)s cost Uncle Sam;
Adoptive parents wait on tax refunds

Is your retirement savings account contributing to the federal deficit? Yes.

How much? Some folks figure as much as $67 billion a year. The five-year revenue loss projections balloon to around $600 billion.

So should Washington, D.C., do away with the tax benefits of workplace 401(k) retirement plans?

That's the discussion in how 401(k) plans contribute to the federal deficit, one of the items I posted last week at my other tax blog.

Another cost to U.S. coffers is the now-refundable adoption tax credit.

But as I noted in my Bankrate Taxes Blog last week, when this child-related tax break was enhanced, the IRS stepped up scrutiny of adoptive parents' tax return claims.

And that has left some families waiting months for sizable IRS refund checks.

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And if you miss 'em when they're fresh, I'll be back next weekend with a review of what was hot "Last week at my other tax blog."

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