Tax books, disaster preparedness fill up this week's Follow-up Friday
Last week on my other tax blog:
What 401(k)s cost Uncle Sam;
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Debt limit, tax reform and me on 'net TV

We've got about two months until the U.S. federal debt ceiling deadline arrives.

If Congress holds true to form, it will be Aug. 1 (and probably around 11:55 p.m.) before lawmakers reach an agreement that will allow the United States to keep paying its bills.

In the meantime, we all get to speculate and pontificate on what's happening, or not happening, and what we believe will happen with the country's finances.

I recently got another platform on which to do just that on The Pulse Network's Finance program

Many thanks to Maggie Rulli and her great TPN production crew for making the online tax conversation so much fun and for patiently working with me, a webcam novice.

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