Young New Yorkers flee high taxes
Atlantic City casino's bad blackjack luck is good news for lone card player, IRS

Last week at my other tax blog: Worst tax season ever; U.S. vs. global taxes

Hope last week was a good one for you.

On the blogging front, it was an interesting week at my other blog over on

First, I looked at why the first-time homebuyer credit was the main reason that many have described January through April 17 the worst tax season ever.

The complications of this ill-begotten and too-often tweaked tax break made -- and is still making -- life miserable for many, taxpayers and tax officials alike.

Then later last week, I reported on the 2011 edition of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's annual Taxing Wages report which shows that U.S. taxes compare favorably to the rest of the western world.

US tax wedge vs OECD 2000-2010Click on the image (or here) for a larger view and additional details
on the comparison of U.S. and OECD taxes.

That's it for last week. You can find my Bankrate blog posts on most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

But if you miss one or two, I'll be back here on Don't Mess With Taxes next Saturday with another reminder in "Last week at my other tax blog."

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