Gas tax holiday talk ramps up again
Racing reflects the economy

Sales tax holidays, gas excise taxes: Featured last week at my other tax blog

Welcome to the Memorial Day weekend.

This holiday is a somber one, created to honor the memories of servicemen and women who gave their lives protecting us and greater causes. They should never be forgotten, and especially not on this special weekend or day.

But in today's world, every three-day weekend also has come to represent other things. In the case of Memorial Day that's usually travel (at least a brief trip to kick off summer) or shopping (for summer getaways?).

So last  week at my other tax blog I posted on both topics.

"Sales tax holidays on tap" looked at the three states -- Louisiana, Texas and Virginia -- that are trying to lure shoppers with the promise of no taxes on some items.

Remember to shop carefully. The tax holidays in Louisiana and Virginia are for hurricane preparedness items. The one here in the Lone Star State is for energy-efficient appliances. You buy other things and you'll pay the states' respective sale taxes on those items.

But isn't that really part of the reason for the events, too?

Now for the travel portion of my other blog last week. If you're trip if by car (or truck or van or RV or motorcycle or any other motorized vehicle) you'll need gas.

Given the pump prices nowadays, despite a recent small decrease, make sure you have enough cash when you pull into the gas station.

And note that "Taxes add to gas prices."

Those taxes include the federal gas excise tax and its state counterparts. Then you have to add in the other taxes (such as sales) and fees (like for environmental programs)that states tack on to the price of each gallon.

Of course, since we all need a break, we'll just grumble about what we pay at the pump and still head out for a little rest and recreation.

If you missed these posts when they appeared on Bankrate last week, feel free to check them out now.

I hope your three-day holiday is a good one. Enjoy family, friends, food, whatever whereve you are.

Also please take a minute or two to also remember the real reason for Memorial Day.

As soon as the next work week begins on Tuesday, I'll be back at my other tax blog. And I'll be back here next Saturday with another edition of "Last week at my other tax blog."

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