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Let the IRS help with your travel

No, Internal Revenue Service employees aren't moonlighting as travel agents. But if you properly combine business and personal travel, the tax code could help cover some of your costs.

Tax help for business, pleasure trips is our latest Weekly Tax Tip.

The story has details on making sure you follow the IRS rules about combining business and personal trips, but I want to emphasize one here: Keep good records.

If the IRS questions your deductions, you want to be able to substantiate what was business and show that you didn't improperly sneak some personal expenses onto your return.

But as long as you're careful, combining a little personal time off with a business trip is a good, and cost-efficient, way to travel.

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Cape Town

Wow, wonderful tips! I have learned new information from this post. I just realized how really can I have IRS help with my travel.

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