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Weekly Tax Tip, now available every Wednesday

Finger_pointing to right Have you missed me giving you the finger? Hey! Don't even go there.

I'm talking about the friendly index finger to the right directing you to a helpful tax tip.

Yes, during the recent high tax-filing season that same hand and digit pointed to the Daily Tax Tip that appeared at the top of the ol' blog's right column. That feature began Jan. 6 and wrapped up with a post-April 18 bonus tip for late filers.

Now, as promised (or threatened depending your your attitude about taxes), the tip is back.

This time, though, it's a Weekly Tax Tip.

From now until the end of 2011 you can find info on ways to finish up your 2010 taxes if you got an extension, cut your upcoming tax 2011 tax bill or just deal with the whole tax scene a bit better.

A new tax tip will be posted in the customary upper right column each Wednesday. As with the daily tips, I'll try to get it posted as early in the day as I can. But as you can see by today's mid- (OK, late-) afternoon publication, sometimes life gets in the way.

But the Weekly Tax Tip will show up sometime every Wednesday.

As with the daily tips, most will be courtesy of Bankrate.com, the personal finance website for which I've written about taxes in some form or fashion since 1999. But you'll also find some elaboration or a slightly different point of view on the tax topic here on Don't Mess With Taxes and I'll include those links in the tips, too.

And just like with the daily tips, I've created special Weekly Tax Tips for 2011 blog page that you can check out if you miss a tip or just want to reread one or two.

So let's get this tax party started!

The first Weekly Tax Tip of 2011 discusses how to bunch your tax deductible expenses.

This tax filing strategy comes in handy when your itemized deductions are close to your standard deduction amount. If you can collect a few more allowable Schedule A write-offs to push you past the standard amount, then you can claim the greater itemized deductions on your taxes.

Such gathering of deductions is known in tax speak as bunching.

Check out this first weekly tip of 2011 (and the links it contains) for details on this potential tax-saving move.

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