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Did you take a nap this afternoon so you can get up at o'dark thirty and watch Prince William and soon-to-be Princess Kate Middleton tie the knot?

The hubby is laughing (well, it's really more like a sad grin while shaking his head), but I'm going to set the alarm and watch the royal wedding.

I watched Charles' and Diana's nuptials, although that was because I worked the 3 p.m. to midnight shift at the newspaper, then helped colleagues close down a bar or two and was already up when the wedding march started. So I might as well take in William's and Kate's ceremony, too.

Plus, I'm a closeted (or not so closeted now) romantic.

And there is a financial component to the event.

WePay, an online way to collect money from groups, has analyzed the upcoming royal wedding and says it will cost almost 3,000 times as much as an average U.S. wedding. In fact, says WePay, it will be the second most expensive wedding ever.

Some other royal vs. commoner wedding comparisons:

  • Kate's wedding dress is estimated to cost $41,000. The lacy piece of apparel for a U.S. bride averages $2,450. Costs
  • The royal wedding's flower bill is estimated to be $360,000; Westminster Abbey is big and Kate has a lot of attendants. The average U.S. marrying couple pays "just" around $1,230.
  • William and Kate are expected to spend around $655,000 on their honeymoon, although where the young British couple will canoodle is still secret. U.S. newlyweds spend on average $4,000 on their post-ceremony getaway.

Even more royal wedding costs are illustrated in WePay's Royal Wedding vs. Normal Weddings infographic.

Royal vs normal wedding costs” width=300
Click the infographic for a larger view. You might need to click it again
to get the biggest view once it opens in a new page.

Despite all the hoopla surrounding the vows of Kate and William, it's not the most expensive wedding in history, says WePay. That honor goes to the seven-day affair in 1981 when Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum of Dubai married Pincess Salama. Its estimated cost was $100 million in today's dollars.

These weddings make the intimate, and cost-effective, ceremony the hubby and I had seem very small potatoes. But as the hubby says, "At least it was legal and we didn't piss away money that we needed later on."

See, I am the romantic one!

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Now I'm off to catch a few ZZZs before the big event!

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Financial Independence

To be brutally honest I do not understand all excitement associated with the wedding.

From what I gathered from mass media so far - it will pay for itself.

Yes they do spend a lot, but primarily because you earn a lot from the translation rights. Consider it like with any other show - investment.

On the other hand I do not entirely understand charm of the royalty, particularly in the USA. Would you agree to pay for somebody's wedding? Essentially it is what British people do - they force to pay additional taxes, and than watch adds....

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