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Free tax filing of federal and state returns

Around 70 percent of us e-file our federal tax returns. And since most states expect tax returns this time of year, too, most folks also e-file their state taxes.

The IRS' Free File program makes it possible for taxpayers whose 2010 adjusted gross income was $58,000 or less (regardless of filing status) to file federal tax returns at no cost, but what about your state return?

Some of the Free File providers do offer free state tax preparation and e-filing in conjunction with federal returns at the filing portal.

But you probably should check directly with your state tax department first.

Most states offer e-filing. In fact, they are as aggressive (or more) as the IRS in pushing folks into the electronic tax world.

And many of them offer free e-filing directly from the states' official tax department websites.

The Federation of Tax Administrations has a clickable map with links to state e-filing options.


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2011 Tax Filing

Wow this is the great source for my family for e filing but how can i check my tax refund status online. I also want to file my business taxes but i have no perfect source.


You just explained everything in very smart and funny way.I really liked three things in your site.First is that map.Second the watch that shows how much time is remaining and last but not the least the weekly tax tip.

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