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Wesley Snipes takes his tax case
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You've got to give Wesley Snipes props for persistence.

Wesley_snipes_blade_trinity_2 The action film star is serving his three-year federal prison sentence for failure to file federal tax returns, but he's still trying to get out of jail.

This week his attorneys filed a 49-page petition with the Supreme Court seeking a review of his 2008 conviction on three misdemeanor tax counts.

Snipes is arguing, yet again, that his trial shouldn't have been held in Florida since he lived in New Jersey, New York and California in the years under tax question at the trial.

That issue was dealt with during his original legal proceedings, but the actor's lawyers contend that the trial judge improperly held that the jury only had to believe the Middle District of Florida was Snipes' home by a "preponderance of the evidence," rather than by the tougher "beyond  a reasonable doubt" rule.

Chances are slim that the star of the "Blade" vampire hunter movies will get the legal relief he seeks. But you can't blame a guy who can afford to hire expensive attorneys for trying.

You can read more on the Snipes appeal in Bankrate, Forbes and Accounting Today.

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chris roberts Americans are not required to pay an income tax on wages as it is not a law. do the research, Snipes was wrongfully jailed!!!

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