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Tax Carnival #82: The Tax Awards

Have you recovered from your Oscars party? Good. Now you can party down with Tax Carnival #82: The Tax Awards.

Vintage-tiny-trophies Unlike the glitzier Hollywood event, there's no gold statuette to hand out.

But we don't need no stinking trophies. Here everyone's a winner, especially readers who can find all sorts of good tax advice and interesting tax insights in this 82nd Tax Carnival.

However, the Tax Awards does share a similarity with the Oscars' television broadcast. It's long. So to avoid being played off by the band, let's get started.

Jeff Rose notes that a combination of interesting circumstances means we get a three-day extension to file our federal income tax returns. Details are in When Are Your 2010 Taxes Due? Tax Filing Deadline in 2011, posted at Good Financial Cents. presents Taxable Income: Income That Has to Be Reported on Your Tax Return, posted at Back Taxes Help.

Vicky Polk brings us Taxes and the Self Employed: Quarterly Installment Payments, posted at Online Accounting Degree.

Outlaw presents 5 Famous Tax Evasion Cases that serve as warnings not to evade taxes. The specifics are posted at Outlaw Finance.

Khaleef says knowing the right tax filing status to use can be tricky. To help out, he presents How Do I Know Which Filing Status To Use On My Tax Return? It's posted at Faithful With A Few.

Pinyo notes that Tax Day is rapidly approaching and you might find that you owe the IRS a tax bill that you can’t afford. What can you do? Find out in IRS Payment Plan: Help for Those Who Can’t Pay Their Taxes, posted at Moolanomy Personal Finance.

Boomer wonders why are hardworking people so willing to give the government an interest-free loan just to get a refund at tax filing time. More on this quandary in Tax Refunds Are A Bad Thing, posted at Boomer & Echo.

Michael says having kids is certainly expensive, but the government does its best to give you a few breaks when filing with children. Find out more in 10 Tax Benefits for Parents, posted at The Dough Roller.

Mitch Archuleta presents Roth IRA Tax Information, posted at's Retirement Planning Blog.

Steve asks Did You Know About These 2011 Tax Changes? Find out at 2011 Taxes.

Money Crashers Admin notes that the only thing worse than paying taxes is paying more than you have to. So that doesn't happen, check out this List of 14 Commonly Overlooked Personal Tax Deductions For Individuals, posted at Money Crashers.

Michael Erins asks What Taxes Can You Deduct From Schooling Costs? Details are posted at Masters in Education.

Neal Frankle has us pegged. "You hate paying taxes and you’re certainly not alone," says Neal. "The question is, to what extent are you willing to go to reduce those tax payments?" Be careful and look out for these 9 IRS Audit Flags You Must Avoid Like the Plague, posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Jeremy asks Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Unemployment? The answer is posted at Generation X Finance.

Fanny says that while losing your job is one of the most stressful things you can go through, there are some tax issues that could cost you and breaks that could help you. Details are in Tax Deductions for the Unemployed, posted at Living Richly on a Budget.

Ken lists 7 Income People Think Are Taxable But Actually Are Not, posted at Spruce Up Your Finances.

Consumer Boomer presents a Turbo Tax Review: The Easy Way To File Your Taxes, posted at Consumer Boomer.

Craig presents H&R Block At Home™ Online Tax Software – Review, posted at Free From Broke.

Flexo presents H&R Block Online Tax Filing Review and Giveaway, posted at Consumerism Commentary.

FMF presents CompleteTax Review #2, posted at Free Money Finance.

MoneyNing offers an interesting argument in 5 Reasons a Higher Tax Bracket is Good for You, posted at Personal Finance Blog by Money Ning.

Praveen tells us that tax refund checks may be a thing of the past, with details in U.S. Government Phasing Out Tax Refund Checks. Details on the tax refund debit card program are posted at My Simple Trading System.

Robert presents Tax Deductions for your Online Business Expenses, posted at The College Investor.

RC presents What Do You Do if You Are Missing a W-2 Form? Find out at Think Your Way to Wealth.

Ryan wonders the same thing many taxpayers do each year, Should You Hire a Tax Pro? The answer is posted at The Military Wallet.

Sun presents Best Apps to File Your Taxes with Your Phone, posted at The Sun's Financial Diary.

PT has the scoop if you're trying to figure out how to maximize your tax savings on education expenses in Making Sense of Education Tax Credits and Deductions. It's posted at PT Money.

Tax Debt Help presents Child Tax Credit: Benefits, Income Limits, & Eligibility Details, posted at Tax Debt Help.

Steve notes that tax filing for certain taxpayers is available through IRS volunteer centers. Get the details at Volunteer Tax Assistance, posted at 2010Taxes.

Jim Yih notes that this time of year, different experts are sharing their top tax savings tips. He offers his in Top Timeless Tax Tips, posted at Retire Happy Blog.

Madison DuPaix asks an important tax question: Will Obama’s Budget Bring Back the Tax Increases? Madison's take is posted at My Dollar Plan.

Tom Tessin addresses an issue many taxpayers deal with each year, How Much Does It Cost To Get Taxes Done? The cost analysis is posted at

JT McGee says the breastfeeding tax breaks have been championed as a win for healthy tax incentives, but was the science really all that convincing? Read more at Breastfeeding Tax Breaks: Bad Economics, Bad Policy, posted at Money Mamba.

Ella Moss says that decreasing revenues from every job and salary cut means less money collected in taxes. Read more of her analysis in From Middle East to Middle of America, posted at Zodiac Times.

And with that, we close the curtain on Tax Carnival #82: The Tax Awards.

1040 icon_square Thanks for reading and a special thanks to all the contributors. You're all winners!

Tax Carnival #83 will appear in this theater, er, blog, on March 14. This is your open casting call. All you have to do is submit a tax post (and tax-only items please; check the guidelines for details) via the Blog Carnival page.

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