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Obama's budget, or how Washington took all the romance out of Valentine's Day

By the Numbers: 56,372,881

Valentine's Day is tomorrow. This year will be the the 32nd Feb. 14th that the hubby and I have spent together, 30 of those as a married couple.

So I got to wondering, especially in light of recent surveys that say marriage is no longer the relationship goal of many folks, how many taxpayers share our status.

The latest complete numbers available from the IRS are for tax year 2008. That year, more than 56 million returns were submitted by married couples. The precise number, and the By the Numbers figure this week, is:

56+million married filers in 2008

That number is almost 40 percent of all returns received for that tax year.

Actually, the figure is a combination of married filing jointly and married filing separately returns received.

Folks who shared our jointly filing status in 2008 totaled 53,655,844. Another 2,717,037 married couples decided that year that it would be better from a tax standpoint to file separate returns.

In the last decade, the hubby and I have benefited from tax law changes that eased the marriage tax penalty.

And while it's not the most romantic reason for setting a wedding date, we actually pushed our nuptials back a year to take advantage of a now-defunct tax break, the two-earner income exclusion.

That's how love goes when you work on Capitol Hill and are marrying a tax geek who works for a Ways and Means member.

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It's interesting to read about these statistics. It might also be helpful to include a line chart to see the trends over the past few years as well as predict where it may g in the future. Great post.

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