College football playoff proponents file tax complaint against major bowls
We have our first five winners!

Win tax software!

It's that time of year again -- tax giveaways!

On Friday, Jan. 14, the IRS will begin accepting e-filed returns. So the ol' blog is kicking off filing season with tax software.

CompleteTax logo_200x100 The nice folks at CCH have provided me with 20 access codes to CompleteTax's Premium MVP online tax preparation program.

Each code is good for one free 2010 federal and state tax return preparation and e-filing.

I'm giving away five codes a day, starting today and ending on Friday, just in time for you to use the program and e-file as long as you aren't in a holding pattern because of the IRS having to catch up with tax laws enacted in December.

Today's batch of five CompleteTax access codes will go to the first five readers who comment here on this post.

Don't freak out if your remarks don't show up for a while. I have some work to finish up and errands to run this morning, but comments are time stamped when they arrive, so the winners will be easily identifiable.

I'll e-mail the lucky winning readers the online software access codes later today.

Three more ways to win: On Wednesday, I'll give away five more CompleteTax access codes via Twitter.

Thursday's five codes will go to folks over on Facebook.

And Friday, the final five codes will go to the first five folks who e-mail me that morning.

Details on the Wednesday-through-Friday awards will be announced on those days, so don't go Tweeting or friending or e-mailing me just yet.

Contest details and announcements: Just to make sure everyone's clear on these inaugural 2011 filing season giveaways, here's some contest housekeeping.

If you don't win today, feel free to try again on subsequent days. But you can only win one access code during all the CompleteTax giveaways.

In the spirit of transparency, I'll announce the winners' names, real or pseudonym, at the conclusion of each day's contest.

I'm not receiving anything from CCH/CompleteTax except the thrill of helping folks find a way to file their taxes.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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Hmm, too bad this was originally posted after my morning blog run...
Congrats to those that won


Janine, I don't know about the machinery depreciation. I can check. Kay


Thanks for doing this again!


This would make the pain of filing a little bit easier. I have a fairly complex return... Thanks.


Soounds like an excellent contest. Would love one of those codes.
On a train of thought. Have you heard anything about an extention of the law of new farm machinery being depreciated in 5 years instead of 7 for 2010 as it was in 2009?

Travis Borton

Did I win?


I could use the e-filing - computers are so much easier than paperwork.


I'd love to win an access code!

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