Potential Republican budget cuts
Tuesday, Nov. 2, reminder: VOTE!

Tax Carnival #76: Election Day 2010

It's nearly midterm election day here in the United States. Political, if not practical, control of the House and Senate is up for grabs.

If you voted early, good for you. If you haven't exercised this right yet, make sure you head to the polls Nov. 2.

Vote (2) As happens in every election, taxes are the hot topic, so it's no surprise that today's Tax Carnival, #76 if you're counting, is our Election Day 2010 edition.

You've seen the TV ads. You've received the robocalls. Your e-mail box is overflowing. There's no more politicking to do, so let's get to it!

When you vote, it's key to have all the facts. The same, says Richard L. Sanderson, applies to becoming a landlord. Check out how Renting Your Home Could Affect the Real Estate Taxes You Pay, posted at Property Assessment.  

Sticking with property considerations, freefrombroke asks What Is A Mortgage Escrow Account? and looks at how it applies to your loan and tax payments. Details are posted at Free From Broke.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Health Savings Account Contribution Limits & Benefits, posted at The Digerati Life.

Ken discusses Why you should try to maximize your "Above-the-line" Deduction If You Can over at Spruce Up Your Finances.

Checkbox_red2_50 Own your own business? Then, says Jeff Rose, you have options to lower your tax bills in ways that salary or wage employees can only dream of. Get the scoop at How Starting a Business Can Lower Next Year's Tax Bill, posted at Good Financial Cents.

Keeping the company focus, Joshua Dorkin presents 2010 Small Business Act: You Have Been Drafted by the IRS to file more 1099 forms. It's posted at The BiggerPockets Blog.

Those filings also prompt some advice from Irene Wachsler, who recommends Take Time Now to Prepare for New Tax Form Filing Rules. Details are posted at MassNonProfit.org.

Speaking of tax documents, Dan Meyer asks a pressing question: "You Mean I Can Actually Understand an IRS Form?" Well, Maybe. Details are posted at Tick Marks.

Jessica Bosari presents the Top Five Saving Moves for 2010 Income Taxes, posted at Billeater.

Checkbox_blackjpg_50 A couple of Carnivalistas join us this month with investment tax info.

FIRE Finance presents Tax FREE Money Market Mutual Funds! Details are at FIRE Finance.

Wenchypoo presents New IRS Rules for Investors, posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo's Mental Wastebasket.

More end-of-year tax saving strategies come courtesy Madison DuPaix in How to Save on Taxes This Year, posted at My Dollar Plan.

Buck presents Tax Facts: What do the Rich do for us? It's posted at Buck Says.

Neal Frankle asks a key retirement question: Roth IRA Beneficiary. Should You Name Your Spouse? The answer is posted at Wealth Pilgrim.

Checkbox_brown_50 Learning about tax preparation can help to improve your own tax filing in addition to providing employment opportunities during the tax season, says Steve, who presents Take An Income Tax Course And Earn Extra Income. It's posted at 2010 Taxes.

In might not be election day everywhere, but taxes are a global constant and today's Tax Carnival welcomes some international tax bloggers.

Do you know your average tax rate? Tom presents Average Tax Rate Explained posted at Canadian Finance Blog.

And David de Souza provides British readers 8 Reasons You Will Need To Complete A Tax Return, posted at UK Tax Blog.

Checkbox_red2_50 Back to U.S. taxes, Ryan discusses The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act, posted at The Military Wallet.

Many folks have asked the question posed by Money Thinker: What is the Auditing Process? Get details at Money Thinker.

And we close out today's Tax Carnival with a perennial tax time query.

"Why did I wait until the very last minute to file 2009 taxes?," asks Super Saver. "Simply because I could." Super Saver offers details on the delay, and promises better tax intentions for this coming filing season, in 2009 Tax Return Filed, posted at My Wealth Builder.

Well, with that, our tax ballot is cast. Thanks to all the contributors and readers for spending part of your day at the 76th Tax Carnival: Election Day 2010. And be sure to VOTE!

1040 icon_square We'll be back on Dec. 6 with the 77th Tax Carnival. Join us then as a reader or as part of the tax fun by sending your tax post (and tax-only items please; check the guidelines for details) to the Blog Carnival page.

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Thank you for the great edition and for including my article here! :)


Thanks for hosting!

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Lots of great articles. Thanks for including our post in this edition of the carnival.

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