Reagan tax cut architect says GOP has gone too far with anti-tax 'religion'
Tuesday, Nov. 2, reminder: VOTE!

Potential Republican budget cuts

Dovetailing nicely with former Reagan Administration official David Stockman's dressing down analysis of the current GOP anti-tax stance is a piece from Business Insider on how Republicans might shave federal spending to maintain existing tax cuts.

Budget_cutting The business website notes that its slide show of possible budget cuts is not based on an official Republican Party blueprint.

Rather, Business Insider's portrayal of which programs the GOP might end or reduce comes from The Heritage Foundation, specifically a post on the conservative group's blog entitled How to Cut $343 Billion from the Federal Budget.

Such spending cuts are being debated today in advance of tomorrow's midterm elections.

Such spending cuts will continue to be debated on Nov. 3, whatever Tuesday's voting results.

I just have one thing to throw into the mix. Regardless of how you feel about these suggested federal cuts, please note that life has a funny way of producing unexpected consequences. Will ending one program create another set of problems that officially unaffected taxpayers will then face?

And while one (or more) of Uncle Sam's programs might not specifically serve you or yours right now, remember that it (they) one day could.

Even more notable, I've learned over the years that life's dots connect in more ways than we initially see.

In that regard, I'll refer back to a comment I made during a discussion last month with a reader (thanks, Amy, for keeping things on the ol' blog lively!) about Obama's position on the expiring Bush tax cuts:

I wish I could direct my taxes to go only for certain things; many of them likely would not be services you want or need. But the compact of living in a society requires that sometimes we get things (and elected officials) we don't want. Here's to the day we can all afford our own private islands! ;-)

Please, vote tomorrow. And keep thinking and talking about ways to improve all our lives!

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