A passel of Halloween pumpkins
Tax sign at D.C. Rally for Sanity/Fear

Tax geeks, wonks and me

No, that headline is not a description of my Halloween constume. I'm still deciding.

Neither is it the title of a new tax-themed television series. By the way, what ever happened to that Ron Howard/David Krumholtz "Tax Man" program pitched to Fox?

My headline refers to a list complied by CPA Trendlines of 64 Tax Blogs for Geeks and Wonks.

The directory is divided into categories including tax policy blogs by American professors, by think tanks and blogs specializing in state and local taxes.

The final grouping is what CPA Trendlines calls tax blogs that help American taxpayers make sense of policy.

There's obviously a school of thought that such a goal is unattainable, but I'm honored to be included among tax bloggers who are at least trying to decipher tax policy and what it means to us taxpayers.

I promise to keep tilting at the tax windmills, especially when Congress returns to Capitol Hill next month.

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