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Ron Howard brother Clint stars in Heritage Foundation tax video

It must be fun at at Howard family reunions.

In 2008, child actor turned Academy Award winning director Ron Howard supported Obama, producing and staring in a video recalling his Mayberry and "Happy Days" days.

After Obama was elected, Howard enlisted Saturday Night Live stars (plus Jim Carrey) for the Presidential Reunion video that urged the new prez to put some muscle behind creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, which was at the time being hotly debated.

But it looks like such liberal candidates and causes are not supported by Ron's younger brother Clint Howard.

Clint is starring in a new anti-tax hike video for Heritage Action for America, an offshoot of the conservative Heritage Foundation.

Clint is an actor. Maybe he just wanted a paycheck. Don't we all.

Maybe Clint wanted to distinguish himself from his more-famous brother.

Or maybe Clint is just much more conservative than his sibling. It happens. I don't think the Human Genome Project has yet found the DNA marker for political inclinations.

But, as I said up front, one thing I am sure of is that there are some lively discussions when the Howard clan gets together.

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Julia the Accountant

Yeh, I think Clint just wants a pay check. The man's got to eat and from what I hear he's not be doing so well in the job front lately.

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