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A white-bearded fortune teller peers into his crystal ball, circa 1960. (Photo by Harold M. Lambert/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

That's it. I'm done predicting Congressional action. My crystal ball obviously is broken.

I really thought the House and Senate would come back to Washington and get stuff done to show the voters that they deserve to stay in office.

Today, however, the Senate said "sorry" to dealing with the expiring Bush tax cuts. It's looking like this important issue will be handled by a bunch of lame ducks.

According to CQ Politics, Montana Democrat and Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus is "ready" to introduce tax legislation, but "people want to leave … by next week."

Some Senators are worried that "nuances" of a tax vote "won't come across on Election Day."

Others pointed to the short timetable and the realistic chances of getting a final pre-election deal with the House.

Plus, the Dems really need to get their own house in order. There are a lot in the party who aren't toeing the political line.

So get ready to push your tax planning off until the very end of the year.

And as I blogged in Tax cut timing could be costly, if you have withholding taken out of your paychecks, be prepared for it to be a bigger bite in 2011.

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