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Wesley Snipes' prison sentence upheld

Since it's the weekend, how about some more news on another actor who had a run-in with the IRS?

Wesley_snipes_blade_trinity On Friday, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta determined Wesley Snipes' three-year sentence to federal prison was proper.

Snipes was acquitted of the more serious federal tax fraud and conspiracy charges, but found guilty in 2008 of failing to file tax returns.

The IRS said that the action film star's failure to file had cheated Uncle Sam out of around $17 million in taxes.

Snipes' attorneys had appealed his sentence, arguing that it was "unreasonable." The 36 months of jail time was the maximum allowable.

The actor's lawyers also contended that Snipes should have been granted a hearing to decide whether his trial should have been held in New York, not Florida.

The appellate panel, however, said that the trial judge's actions were "well within" the "considerable discretion" of a U.S. District Court.

So, Wesley, better wrap up whatever film projects you have in the works and get ready to spend some time in Club Fed.

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