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Tax calendar -- and contest -- time!

Actually, it's New Yorker desk diary time, in which you can jot down important tax dates, as well as enjoy the great cartoons.

An online friend I met years ago through blogging is now with Condé Nast, publisher of the magazine (and calendars). He dropped me note asking, what with 2010 about half over, did I have any ideas on distributing some of this year's calendars?

Being a big fan of the calendars -- Santa has brought the hubby and me one of our own monogrammed diaries for as long as I can remember -- and a tax geek, I immediately thought of midyear tax moves.

NewYorker Death-Taxes mug Yes, it seems kind of goofy to be giving away a calendar for a year that's six-plus months deep. But these are really cool desktop calendars. 

And even if you don't use it to track your appointments (and tax deadlines), it's worth having one for the cartoons alone, like the death and taxes drawing there on my New Yorker mug pictured there to the left (told you I was a fan! You can click on the image for a larger view.).

Plus, it's never too late (or soon, depending upon your perspective) for tax planning.

In fact, summer is the perfect time to think about your upcoming tax bill. You've had a few months to reflect on what went right or wrong this past filing season. And you have plenty of time left in this current tax year to take steps to cut what you might owe the IRS when you file your 2010 return.

Win! Win! Win! So here's the deal on how you can win when taxes and calendars intersect.

I have 10 New Yorker 2010 desk diaries.

E-mail your midyear tax tip to me at [email protected]

Put "calendar" in the subject line.

And so that I can send a calendar to you if you win, include your mailing address. I promise not to use it for anything else and will delete the info after the giveaway ends.

Just who will get a calendar, since I know I'm going to get way more than 10 midyear tax tip entries? I'll let Random.org do the picking for me.

Tips received between now and through Sunday, June 20, will be eligible for the drawing. 

NEW ENTRY DEADLINE: Because of some e-mail issues, I've extended the entry deadline a week, through Sunday, June 27.

But even if you don't win one of the prizes, I'll still post all the helpful tips on the ol' blog, starting as soon as they start appearing in my e-mail box and/or I can get to them.

Thanks in advance for your tips and good luck!

Full disclosure:I'm not getting anything from the folks at Condé Nast except the desk diaries to that I'll pass along to 10 lucky blog readers.

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I'd rather he send me a gallon or two of ice cream!

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Did Joe send you a tax tip yet? :)

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