Maine voters repeal tax overhaul
Estimated tax time again: June 15

Calif. voters: Prop 13 'yes,' 15 & 16 'no'

Two of the tax-related ballot initiatives considered yesterday by California voters failed.

The lone winner was the 2010 version of Proposition 13. This will allow property owners to seismically retrofit existing buildings without facing reassessment of property taxes on those improved buildings.

Proposition 15, which would have created a voluntary funding pilot program for candidates running for secretary of state, failed.

It's a good thing, then, that candidates like Meg Whitman, who won the GOP nomination for California governor, had $71 million of her own money to put into that race. She'll need the remainder of her $1.2 billion fortune for the November race.

And after a battle through the night, it looks like the Proposition 16, the PG&E-backed measure that would require a two-thirds vote of citizens before local governments could spend public money to start or join a public power agency, narrowly lost.

Like the results (or the ballot initiative system) or hate them, be thankful for the opportunity to vote. Please do so when it's your state's election day(s).

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