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The soul of tax wit is brevity

That Shakespeare. He truly was well ahead of his time, penning Polonius' famous phrase celebrating succinctness more than four centuries before Twitter.

Now some modern-day tax wits have taken the Bard's words to heart.

The TaxProf challenged his fellow legal academicians to come up with six-word stories about tax.

My favorite: "Really? Money found in piano income," from Ann Murphy of Gonzaga.

Two that shed light on the confusing matter of dependents tied for a close second: "The dog is not a dependent," from Jim Maule of Villanova and "You can't deduct your inner child," from Chris Hoyt of Missouri-Kansas City.

Truth be told, all the six-word tax tales are great, so be sure to check them out, as well as the additions that arrived once the post was published.

You can prove that "all the world's a tax stage" by sending your own micro tax saga to the TaxProf and me, too, please, in our posts' comments sections.

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