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Breaks, of my wrist and for medical costs

Today I have a great reason for being slow to post. I'm pecking at the keyboard one-handed.

I fell during my neighborhood walk this morning and broke my left wrist. In the grand scheme of things, that's as good as can be hoped for since I'm right-handed.

It was one of those situations that you actually see in your mind as a sort of an out-of-body spectator as well as feel.

When I hit a slick spot on the sidewalk that I had thought I had stepped over, I knew immediately I was going down hard. My first thought was "don't break your elbow." My mother did that a few years ago and it was awful.

I thought I put most of my weight on my forearm. But as soon as I stood up, I knew the wrist was broken. The pain was something I had felt before the year I broke bones in each of my feet.

I broke my left foot when I was playing tennis as part of my college phys ed requirement. Thank goodness that class was pass/fail and the instructor, freaking out, immediately gave me a passing grade and told me not to come back to the court.

The right foot break was three months later when I came down wrong while jumping rope.

So I know what a bone break feels like. And yes, tennis, jumping rope and walking are dangerous activities for klutzy me.

Luckily, I was just around the corner from home. As soon as I walked in, I asked the hubby, "Can you take me to the ER? I broke my wrist."

He was (is) a doll, springing into action, doing his best to get us there quickly while avoiding as many bumps and potholes as possible and never once telling me what a clumsy idiot I am.

So now I'm sporting this lovely temporary splint and sling.

My-broken-wrist-051110 copy

The orthopedic surgeon will give it another look on Friday. I'm hoping that the initial X-rays are right and that it's a clean fracture that will need no more than a solid plaster cast to heal.

Until then. it's hunt and peck posting, so please bear with me.

And in keeping with the ol' blog's theme, check out these previous medical tax posts.

Now I'm off to elevate my arm, put an ice bag on my wrist and see how long I can go without popping one of the pain pills the doctor prescribed!

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Kay, I'm so sorry! I hope it all heals ASAP.

Dan Ray

Yikes! I'm so sorry. How many wpm as a righty? And keep in mind that with broken bones, you're allowed to embellish the story of how it happened every year. In a few years, this anemic "it was wet and I slipped" version should give way to a gripping tale that involves a cliff and a runaway baby carriage.

Bill Church

Take the pain pill. No sense suffering.

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