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While National Football League fans have been working on their mock drafts in preparation for tonight's big event (yes, that's right; the #1 NFL pick this year will be announced just after 7:30 p.m. Eastern time on ESPN), the league and Michigan tax officials have been having their own go-round. 

It seems that more than four years after Detroit hosted Super Bowl XL, Michigan filed liens against the Super Bowl Host Committee charging that the group did not pay all required worker related taxes.

The allegedly unpaid withholding and unemployment insurance taxes amounted to nearly a quarter million dollars.

As soon as they heard about the liens, the Super Bowl folks asked for a review of the call.

The Committee's executive director Susan Sherer told that the group has an Aug. 5, 2009, certificate of from the state showing a zero tax balance.

So why did Michigan file a lien, which was reported by the Detroit News?

Sherer suspects that the state thought the Super Bowl Committee was in business long after it shut its doors in late 2006.

The lien reportedly cited unpaid withholding from May through December of 2007, January and February of 2008 and May through November of 2009. Unemployment insurance payments allegedly were delinquent for October through December of 2006 and January through March of 2007.

But since the Super Bowl Committee was not working, it had no employees from whom to withhold payroll taxes or make unemployment taxes on behalf of, meaning no taxes should be due.

"I guarantee we do not owe taxes," Sherer told reporters when asked about the tax liens. "Absolutely and emphatically, no way possible."

She says she's talked with state officials and has been assured that no taxes are owed and the tax lien confusion should be cleared quickly.

Now let's just hope that tonight's NFL draft doesn't have any glitches!

Superbowl-xl Who won XL? By the way, do you remember who won the "extra large" Super Bowl at the center of this tax confusion?

Since I knew it wasn't the Cowboys (dang it!), I had to look it up.

The Steelers beat the Seahawks.

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